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Sunday, October 30, 2005

staying home

Skye and I don't have to go to work for 3 days. Skye 'goes to work' too coz I bring her to Gymboree w/me everyday. It's Sunday today and Gymboree Polo is closed Monday and Tuesday for the All Saints' holidays here in the Phillies. Not that I won't have work to do here from home and that Gymboree Shang will still probably call me since they're open Monday, but at least it's a mini holiday of sorts.

Tomorrow I plan to bring Skye to Tiendecitas (sp?) . It's that new glorified tiangge along C5 that was fashioned after the night market in Bangkok. I think it's supposed to be a tourist attraction of sorts. Heard you can even go on calesa (horse-carriage) rides, so I'll let Skye try that. Other than that we'll just mostly stay home, catch up on DVDs I haven't watched, and do whatever Gymboree work I need to finish. If I get inspired, maybe I'll organize the piles of junk in my room. Highly unlikely though. haha. So while the rest of the citizens are out of town, we'll just be here in good ole Metro Manila. I'll just make up for my lack of real vactions next year. Skye and I are going to Toronto and the States in March, God-willing! Hi to Ate Trisha and Kuya Toby from Skye :)


Skye was so cute this morning. When we woke up she hugs me and says "Awuvyasuhmuch" (I love you so much) then kisses me. I was still hugging her and enjoying the sweetness of it all when she suddenly demands "I want to eat popcorn!" Oh well, so much for precious moments. hahaha

Friday, October 28, 2005

three li'l mermaids

Brought Skye, along with Grace & Andrea (my bosses' daughters), to watch Trumpets' Little Mermaid a few weeks ago.
The girls had fun. They were able to follow the story but of course referred to the characters with their Disney names. They kept asking me why Arielle was Jewel and why Prince Eric was Prince Christian. Didn't know how to explain the concept of 'copyright' to them...hahaha. In fairness though, Trumpets' version is truer to the original Little Mermaid story. Well, with a slight twist in the end. After the show, the girls got their pics taken with Ashley (Jewel), Maita (Princess Sapphire & Ninong Joe's...uhmm...good friend), and George (Prince Christian).

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

crazy 'bout hats

Our "ladies who lunch" pic. Skye is so into hats. She loves trying different kinds on. And by different I mean pots, fruit baskets, big get the picture. She even tries to put on her Dora doll's cowgirl hat and freaks out when it won't stay on her head coz it's of course too small. Hahaha...gotta love her. She's such a character.